Pico / Mini LED Projectors
Portable & light weight
LED light source - mercury free (green to environment), low power consumption, 20,000 hours long life
   (no after cost for bulb changing)
Instant on/off - no need to warm-up & cool-down
Can project on any light color surfaces such as white walls, ceilings, white paper/cloth, camping tent,
   frosted glass, curtain...etc
Comes with universal voltage adapter & rechargeable battery
Big screen projection
Bountiful connectivity: Micro SD/TF card, USB stick, CVBS(RCA), HDMI, VGA, LAN, Wi-Fi
Some models built with Android OS & Wi-Fi for internet access, also supports wireless casting programs
   such as EZCast, DLNA, Miracast, & AirPlay allowing mirroring for mobile devices

Compatible to all kinds of casting devices including Chromecast dongle, Apple TV box, Miracast TV
   dongle, Intel Compute Stick allowing easy access to YouTube, Netflix, and online movies...
When selecting a projector,
consider both the brightness of White as well as
the brightness of Color.

Projector Buyers Guide to
Color Brightness by Model

Projector buyers should proceed with caution.
Derived when presentations consisted of a black font on a white background, the old lumens metric only measures white light. Lumens, or brightness, tells the projector buyer little about the brightness of colors in photos, videos or graphics.

Fortunately, a newer metric gives projector buyers a measurement for the brightness of colors. Color Light Output, or more simply Color Brightness, quantifies the brightness of Red, Green and Blue; the primary colors of light.

The photograph below shows two projectors setup side-by-side, set in their brightest mode. Both offer similar resolution, price and white brightness levels.
The projector on the left exhibits low Color Brightness; only a fraction of its white brightness. The one on the right shows equal amounts of Color and White Brightness. Colors on the right are much brighter, providing more impact.

This document starts with a listing of projectors where the manufacturer specifies both White and Color Brightness. Second is a table containing projectors measured for their Color Brightness level by a 3rd party laboratory because the manufacturer did not specify the color brightness.

Insist on brighter colors. When selecting a projector, consider both the brightness of White as well as the brightness of Color.
Full copy of this buyer's guide will be provided upon your request or visit: http://www.colorlightoutput.com/Color_Brightness_Buyers_Guide.pdf