Combining writing, laser pointer, and wireless mouse in one piece
Unique PPT control function
IR touch control
Hand writing recognition
20 meters effective range for wireless mouse
Lithium battery with USB charger
Ergonomic design
Multifunction Interactive Pointer
Adjustable camera height and angle
Control Box with Document Camera (upgrade version for FR-306BB's standard control box)

Patented easy-installation design
Strong alloy material
Flexible length adjustment
Flexible angle adjustment
Supports up to 15KG weight
Without the need of any tools, projector can be easily
mounted or dismounted

Ceiling Mount
Wireless Low Noise Microphone (for classroom,
conference, concert, monitor & home entertainment use)
Patented Noise-filter technology
Wireless automatic pairing
Compact, handy,  & easy to use
Eliminates microphone howling
Lithium rechargeable battery
30 meters effective transmitting range
Optional Accessories for Pentathlon (FR-306BA/BB)
EL-387A (Microphone & Transmitter) + EL-324D (Receiver)